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Dr. Kristina Brinkerhoff

Brinkerhoff Consulting, L.L.C.
Educational Consultant/Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Kristina Brinkerhoff is an educational consultant, working with schools and districts to help educators gain an understanding of the effect Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), also known as exposure to chronic stress, can have on a child's ability to self-regulate and successfully function in the classroom and school setting. Dr. Brinkerhoff shares years of experience as a teacher, administrator, superintendent and parent (foster/adopt), as well as her dissertation research, to assist teachers and administrators in understanding the physiological and emotional impact ACEs has on the well-being of students. Her work helps educators and parents navigate how to successfully address the impact of traumatic experiences by recognizing students needs, establishing caring and responsive classroom expectations and responding to difficult behaviors with compassion and self-control. Kristina has her PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration from Northwest Nazarene University.